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CCST Summer Camp for Outstanding Undergraduates 2016 Ending
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In order to provide a platform for outstanding undergraduates across the country to know CCST and to improve the graduates enrollment as well as to promote their academic exchange and stimulate their learning enthusiasm, the 4th CCST Summer Camp for Outstanding Undergraduates began on 14th, July and ended on 16th.

We started to prepare in May. About 300 applications flooded into the office, and 216 outstanding undergraduates were identified as participants under the approval of committee.

First Day:

In the morning, participants from afar registered to the camp and comfortable accommodations and related materials for the camp were prepared for them. In the afternoon, they took a professional level exam.

Second Day:

In the morning, the opening ceremony, which was hosted by DU Tianbao, vice chair of CCST, was held in Room 108, Computer Building. First, Pro. LI Wenhui, vice dean of CCST, gave a detailed introduction about the college and its graduates training, including history of the college, characteristic of majors, students training, international exchanges and graduates enrollment, in which the participants may be interested. Then Pro. YANG Bo, Pro.LI and Pro. XU Gaochao introduced the research contents, research projects, main research achievements and supervisors and training methods in three majors of computer software and theory, computer application technology and computer system structure respectively. Finally, Pro. WANG Xianchang, an expert of the Thousands Talents Plan, and Pro. LIU Jun made speeches on artificial intelligence and intelligent marine respectively, which made participants know the frontier fields of computer science and stimulated their interest in interdisciplinary research.

In the afternoon, 45 participants were arranged to visit History Museum of JLU, where they got a better understanding of heavy academic atmosphere, profound cultural heritage and abundant faculties, which is a longing for JLU.

In the evening, an interview was organized in roundtable form between participants and graduate supervisors, a team composed members from 18 research groups and 2 Thousands-Talents-Plan groups. Participants could sit together dining and communicating with supervisors whose research interests they may be interested in. this form helped them know one another well and by communicating face to face, most participants identified their future supervisors as well as their research orientations for further studies.

Third Day:

    In the morning, all participants had a photo taken to mark the camp. Then came the closing ceremony and the awarding ceremony for the brilliant participants. ZHENG Shuang, Chair of CCST, gave a closing speech, expressing her joy and satisfaction, her thanks to the staff and her congratulations to the awarded participants. She hoped that these brilliant participants could further their studies in JLU before presenting awards to them. So ended the camp.

    The three-day summer camp was successful, due to the attached importance from leadership of CCST and careful preparation from related staff. It provided an opportunity for participants to know CCST of JLU and gave a deep impression on it. Hopefully, it will absorb more brilliant undergraduates to further their studies in JLU.



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