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Construction of First-class Discipline in Computer and University-Enterprise Cooperation
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On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of JLU and the 40th anniversary of CCST, a forum was held on Construction of First-class Discipline in Computer and University-Enterprise Cooperation, in Room B108, Computer Building, at 1:30 pm, 15th Oct. 2016, with the purpose of strengthening academic exchanges between teachers and students, deepening the professional knowledge and promoting the construction of disciplines and the university-enterprise cooperation. OUYANG Jihong, Vice Dean of CCST, hosted the forum. Five alumni were invited to make reports and shared a lot of experience for us, each of whom has a great contribution in their fields. About 300 teachers and students as well as alumni from CCST attended.

The first speaker, HUO Weiping, co-founder of Beijing Orient National Communication Science & Technology Co. Ltd., introduced the strategic deployment of his company and demonstrated its self-developed and localized special products and personalized applications with his topic title Our Mission in the Age of DT. He advocated a university-enterprise cooperation and encouraged the transfer of knowledge and the cultivation of professional and technical personnel. He also answered the question from students on future job-hopping.

The second speaker, WU Jianhui, a senior engineer from Qiming Information Technology Co. Ltd., introduced the historical achievements and institutional mechanisms for the development of enterprise informatization of his company with the title Drive of Innovation and Future of Qiming, which tells us the importance of IT in automobile industry. He also showed us the full connection among car networking, artificial intelligence, big data and other areas and hoped to deepen the continuous university-enterprise cooperation in order to get win-win situation.

The third speaker, Pro. LIU Weiru from Queen’s University of Belfast, whose speech entitled Graph-based approaches for Analysing and Accelerating Streaming Data, introduced her ongoing project and showed part of her contributions. She described in detail the connection between the research in artificial intelligence and that in data science and big data which is applied in industry, and pointed out the technical details in research and its key technical characteristics. Finally, she talked about the possibility research cooperation with our university, about the international mainstream research directions and advanced learning methods, which gave much help to teachers and students.

The forth speaker, Pro. CUI Junhong, the candidate of The Thousand Talents Plan of JLU, gave a speech entitled From Land to Ocean: the Journey of a JLU Alumnus. By combining the development of international and domestic marine technology with market development, he analyzed the development status of intelligent marine research and proposed solutions to the problems encountered in the course of the development of marine science and technology. His speech helped us understand a lot in this area and aroused our passion to explore the oceans.

The last speaker was HU Yonggang, IBM Distinguished Engineer, whose speech entitled From Scientific Research to Commercialization: the Application and Prospect of Large Scale Distributed Computing in Banking. By taking IBM featured products as examples, he described in detail the structure of every product and its key technology in the application of artificial intelligence. His concept—Demands promote scientific research and scientific research meets demands—embodies his ways of personal development and professional skills and reflects his spirits of exploring the unknown continuously for two decades.

    With warmly academic atmosphere and lively discussion ended the forum, which added new items to the anniversary celebration.







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