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Webpage Design and Website Construction
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"Webpage Design and Website Construction" course is an important professional course of computer relevant majors, which is a trunk course of network application design course curriculum system. It is one of the essential skills that students need to know before they enter the job market. The course focuses on business website design and construction, and to develop the ability and capacity of business websites.

"Webpage Design and Website Construction" course is the follow-up course of "Database Application Technology" and "The Basis of Programming". Students can learn in this course when they have the basic skills and basic computer operation ability of the Internet application.

The course includes: design of static pages, focusing on putting images and animations into a business webpage, improving the design of webpage which highlights the student's personality; design of dynamic pages, focusing on mixing the network and database, developing the abilities of independent learning, problem analysis and problem-solving; building business website, to enhance the further ability of business website design, and to increase the capacity of the webpages editing and website development and maintenance.

"Webpage Design and Website Construction" course includes 16 class hours for theory and 24 class hours for the experiment. The theory courses present the website development processes, which make students know the usage of Dreamweaver, Flash, Eclipse and other software, master the deployment method of Web servers and its application in the construction of website. It also presents various of popular website architecture, such as MVC, SSH and so on. Experimental courses focus on training students to design website applications, which let students familiar with the basic knowledge and skills and improve their overall quality of resources management and applications programming levels.

The course of "Webpage Design and Website Construction " presents concepts, principles and techniques of webpages designing and websites construction, the main contents include: the usage of webpage design tools, landscaping tips, website design styles, website design architecture and so on.

The course is organized as follows:

Chapter One: Overview of the Website Construction, describes the basic elements of webpage design and website construction processes.

Chapter Two: Technologies and Tools of Website Development, present the basic website development technologies and tools.

Chapter Three: Personal Website Constructions, describes the various Web server configuration, website production and distribution technology.

Chapter Four: Web Servers and Dynamic Webpage making technology, introduces the use of dynamic Webpage programming.

Chapter Five: Web Database technology, introduces a variety of basic management methods of commonly used databases, Web database product selection principle, as well as the connection method of the Web server and the database server.

Chapter Six: Website Architecture, introduces a variety of popular websites architecture building methods.

Chapter Seven: Integrated construction Website, constructs the Business e-commerce sites by using the technology of Webpage making and websites architecture.

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