Introduction to the course“C# Programming (Bilingual)”

C# takes the merits of many advanced computer programming languages such as C++ and Java. It has not only the characteristics as encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism etc., but also introduces many innovative elements, such as the safe pointer management etc. C# is one of the most advanced full featured modern programming languages by Microsoft.

The course ‘C# Programming (Bilingual)’ is one of the key subject for the undergraduates in the College of Computer Science and Technology. It aims to enable students to master the advanced features of the C# programming language, understand the running mechanisms of the language, and develop the ability to program with C#.

The syllabus covers the following: .NET architecture, the core C#, objects and classes, inheritance, generics, arrays, operators and type casting, delegation, Lambda expressions and events, strings and regular expressions, collections, LINQ, dynamic language extensions, memory management and pointers, reflection, and errors and exceptions.

From the course, the students may learn the basic knowledge and theory about C#, get interested into the .NET framework, and exercise for the ability to analyze and solve a problem with C#.



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