1. 掌握基本常用的Linux系统命令和使用方法。

2. 掌握常用的Linux操作与维护过程,如系统登录、文件目录、文本编辑与系统管理等等。

3. 掌握shell编程。

4. 掌握Linux环境下软件的编译安装方法。



The Course Introduction --- Linux Practice

Linux Practice is a required elective of Computer Science and Technology, which concentrates on the general introduction, application and language programming of Linux by way of practicing.

Through this course, students will grasp:

1. The rudimentary and commonly-used Linux system commands and their applications.

2. The commonly-used operation and maintenance of Linux, such as log-in, files and directories, text editing, system management and so on.

3. The shell programming.

4. The methods of software compiling and installing in Linux environment.

The course includes the general introduction of Linux, its rudimentary application, system management and maintenance, shell programming and software compiling and installing in Linux environment.

Through the course, students will have a rudimentary grasp of Linux and get to know the status and function of Linux in Computer Science. Students will operate it skillfully, complete tasks by the use of commands. After the programming training, the course will lay a good foundation for being Linux management engineers and Linux software engineers, and will create a good environment for their further learning.


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