IBM DB2认证认证

《IBM DB2认证认证》课程介绍

DB2是IBM公司研制的一种关系型数据库系统,主要应用于大型应用系统,具有较好的可伸缩性,可支持从大型机到单用户环境,可应用于OS/2、Windows等平台下。 DB2提供了高层次的数据利用性、完整性、安全性、可恢复性,以及小规模到大规模应用程序的执行能力,具有与平台无关的基本功能和SQL命令,并以拥有一个非常完备的查询优化器而著称,改善了查询性能并支持多任务并行查询。DB2是目前市场上的主流大型数据库产品之一,适合作为高校学生实践认证类课程的学习对象。

《DB2认证》是基于DB2 UDB的将数据库理论与行业软件相结合的认证类专业课程。作为数据库基本原理的后续课程以及数据库应用开发的先修课程,此课程的教学目的在于介绍DB2 UDB的体系架构、数据库高级管理的主要任务及手段,通过大量的实际案例帮助学生快速了解和掌握数据库的创建、维护、监控、恢复、调优、应用程序开发等工作,为学生日后从事数据库相关工作打下坚实的基础。



Introduction to the courseDB2 Certification

DB2 is a relational database system developed by IBM company, which is mainly used in large-scale application system. It has good scalability, can support from mainframes to single user environment, can be applied to OS/2, Windows and other platforms. DB2 provides high level data utility, integrity, security, recovery as well as the execution ability from small scale to large scale application. DB2 provides the basic functions and the SQL command which are both platform independent. DB2 is well known by having a very complete query optimizer, which improves the performance of the query and supports multi-task parallel query. DB2 is one of the popular database products on the market at present, and is very suitable for students practice as a learning object in certification courses.

"DB2 certification" is a certification course based on DB2 UDB which combines the database theory and software industry. As the subsequent course of database basic principle and the prerequisite course of database application development, the objective of this course is to introduce DB2 architecture, and the main task and means of database advanced management. Through a large number of actual cases, this course will help students quickly understand and master the database creation, maintenance, monitoring, recovery, optimization, application development work, and lay a solid foundation for the students who will be engaged in the related database work in the future.

The main contents of DB2 certification courses include: introduction of DB2 database component, architecture, utility, and DB2 database daily management tasks, such as installation and configuration, instance management, database creation and physical storage planning, data movement (migration), database log management, database backup and recovery, and concurrency control, the database lock performance monitoring and tuning, problem diagnosis, DB2 database security. It also includes some important functions and characteristics of new version.

This course will be opened in the fourth semester, totally 48 hours, including 16 hours experiment, and its prerequisite courses advanced programming language, operating system, database principle.


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